The Magazzino delle Scope was created in 2011 to offer an alternative to the typical tourist places that Jesolo abounds in. It draws its fundamental inspiration from the sea: an innate necessity to change, natural evolution, fluctuation between drama and calm and the overcoming of imposed limits.

Like the sea, the restaurant becomes a weaver of stories and a place to listen and tell these stories. Every detail inside the restaurant conveys a message: this is an arrival and departure point, where art, cooking, design, creative approaches and new ideas meet.

Throughout the years we have experimented with new flavours. Our menu changes according to seasonal products. We propose new small dishes, inspired by the Venetian cicheto (a tasty delicacy to be eaten standing) but which we have developed into a proper chic and classy restaurant dish.

These are small dishes, with a small price. Taste as many as you’d like in a single evening, with the freedom to choose what you like in no set order. This is fundamentally different experience from dining in a traditional restaurant.

However ‘Il Magazzino delle Scope’ owes much to Don Claudio, a restaurant with a 30 years tradition much loved by creative cuisine connoisseurs. In 2017 they both merged into a new identity.

Don Claudio managed throughout the years to keep a precise identity, despite annual transformations that reflected a family of exotic travellers. Claudio Romano, the helmsman for more than 30 years, led the family team, his son Amos Romano (deus ex-machina) together with the head waiter Massimiliano Tieppo , and from 2007 until 2016, head chef Matteo Gobbo.
It’s a food and fine wine journey, ours. A journey we have been sailing for many years, personalized with experience yet still with the desire for a new challenge.

Welcome to Magazzino delle Scope by Don Claudio.