So, what is a ‘cichetto’? It’s a tasty nibble, generally matched with a glass of good wine, to both curb your appetite and tempt you with an indulgence.

The idea of our ‘Chic-eteria’ sprang from combining this Venetian tradition with French ‘chic’. From humble origins, we have reshaped it as an elegant restaurant dish.

Please, forget about rules. You can order according to your appetite, one serving after the other, in any order. Our dishes never exceed €10. They have been created so that customers might experiment; try new recipes or many different options.

Our is an ethical, healthy cuisine and a creative ” pinch “ inspired by our land and its products. with an eye to the vegetable world

‘Magazzino’ It’s not only about the kitchen, though. The restaurant is envisaged as a space for cultural exchange, where original and innovative projects can grow and develop.