Sustainable economics have an ethical dimension. Think global, act local.

We are all responsible for our choices. When buying, we collectively decide the future of an animal, a product or a company. Individually, our little drop in the ocean counts.

We only buy non-endangered species of fish. Our local fishmogers are: Pescheria Guiotto . Our organically farmed fish supplier is La valletta in Treporti, Venice.

Our meat comes from the organic farm in Padova, Nativa Gran Carne.

We buy our organic vegetables from the Azienda Agricola De Faveri in San Donà di Piave, Venice whilst our local vegetables come from Ortofrutta Basso Alfredo.
We serve seasonal local vegetables that vary throughout the year.

The quality of our flour is extremely important to us. We only use organic flour. To make bread and pasta we use local flour supplied by the wonderful Il Mulino Terrevive.

We’ve been making a special pizza since 2016. The knead uses a variety of ancient grains, prepared specially for us by Anticamente, a local bakery run by a ‘Jesolano’. Yes, we are proud of him!

We love coffee. We are big fans. Finding a house coffee was a really hard choice to make, but luckily our supplier La Torrefazione Brasiloro  from San Donà di Piave has started producing a wonderful organic coffee.

Cleaning products
It has been a great challenge to try to eliminate unhealthy professional detergents from the restaurant, but we managed to find innovative products from a local supplier, Azienda Mistretta.

Eco-friendly and organic products
Siqurcatering spa from Padova is a company with a new ethical path like ours. We have chosen them to provides us with all generic ecological and organic products.

In our little shop we sell many objects supplied by two companies, the Danish Rice and the German Pape. We love the attention they pay to their products, their originality and their strong ethical management of their businesses.