Mo.Mo is our brand. Mo.Mo is the origin, a living, thinking organic body. Mo.Mo stands for ‘Modernist Movement’. It was founded with the aim of sharing our creative concepts in all their various forms. It encapsulates our ethics and our philosophy of life.
Our manifesto, created by Don Claudio from vibrant colours and abstract shapes, conveys the creative, diverse soul of the Mo.Mo.

Our ‘Magazzino Delle Scope by Don Claudio’ is generated from this metaphysical Pangea, the ancient supercontinent that began to break into small different realities.

We promote new initiatives in line with our philosophy, specialising in developing projects that mix visual art and cooking. We are always open to new suggestions: in particular to using both raw materials and ideas that grow in a local context. These excursions from the culinary world always provide new inspiration when we return to it.